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live with diabetes
live with diabetes

Our approach-Live with diabetes

“We know how hard can be to live with diabetes so we want to help people among the world to successfully manage this modern disease. However,  patients must adhere to treatment regimens that include dietary restrictions, physical activity goals, and self-monitoring of glucose levels. We know that it can be stressful both and there is a lot of anxiety  for the patient and his family and we share their feeling of difficulties of everyday life but we want to help you with good advises about healthy diets, physical activities and other aspects of life to achieve the primary goal and that is to be happy. There is a connection between social environment and people suffering from diabetes.  Parents with anxiety disorder tend to worsen their children diabetes according to society of pediatric psychology. Moreover, we want to underline that lifestyle has the great role in managing diabetes.

Our motto is:“Live with diabetes happily”

My Story

As a student of pharmacy, I wanted to implement my knowledge in order to help people. My grandad has diabetes and I know how hard can be to live with this disorder. I help him to live a normal life as a proud grandad of two grandsons. Now he is healthy and available to do his daily activity. His everyday smile has no price. Furthermore, the obligation of my profession is to provide not only health but happiness, because they are strongly connected. Live with diabetes is the enterprise with the idea of comprehension between patient and medical workers and we want to make you proactive and encourage you to take your life into your hands.

Hope you will find useful information on this site that will help you. Be happy and healthy and reach full potential of life.


Milan Popović

Founder & CEO